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The renown owner of Gomez Upholstery LLC has traversed a long path to get to be known as one of the best artisans in Central America. José Gómez grew up in the small town of Siguatepeque, in the municipality of Comayagua, Honduras. His parents, Pablo Gómez and Lidia Guzmán, were humble, hard-working and honest people, that from a very young age taught their children the importance and the value of hard-work. José is the fifth kid of six children. From a very young age, he became interested in nature and the arts, which is not a surprise given that he grew up surrounded by the tropical warmth, the Mayan culture, and the rural traditions that were characteristic of his hometown.

From a very young age he learned how to carry out hard labour. As in every humble family, the children help their parents with different kinds of tasks. It is through this that José, at the age of 10, learned the art of upholstery. The memories and skills forged in this stage of his life will always be in his mind and heart, especially when they remind him of his father, who taught him how to do upholstery. “My greatest teacher” – that’s how José Gómez refers to the man that gave him his life.

When his father passed away in June 1980, José and his siblings had to take different roles at home, which is why they started working in upholstery, baking, and selling fruits, with the sole purpose of helping their family. What he did not imagine, though, is that the art of upholstery would propel him and turn him into one of the best upholsters abroad.

At the age of 18, José got a job with Royal Caribbean Cruises, not imagining that he was about to begin the biggest adventure of his life, one which he started full of hope and ambition. He traveled to New York and started a new trip of nine months with the cruise line previously known as SS Galileo Galilei. At that moment, this was the most exciting adventure he had ever embarked in, because he was away from home, and because he visited places like Bermuda, Cancún, Jamaica, and San Tomás. After nine months of hard-work in the ship, José decided to settle in Miami, Florida. He was a young man full of new expectations, and curious as to what was expecting him far away from the land of his parents. In his settlement process, José found different types of jobs in different sectors of Miami. One year, he worked as a waiter in Latin American bars and restaurants. However, he remembers with much pride a particular job that taught him a lot about humility, and that reminded him that his dreams where not limited to his present. Instead, he knew that his present would give him a boost to continue to grow. Working under the intense sun and heat, José got a job in a hot dog booth, where he had to spend many hours giving away flyers while wearing a Hot Dog costume and showcasing his dancing skills to catch people’s attention. After acquiring experience in different type of jobs, José was finally able to find his true passion, the one he inherited from his father: upholstery. Thus, Florida allowed him to improve his skills and get meaningful experience and opportunities, since he was able to work for different celebrities from the Latino community, such as Walter Mercado, Cecilia Boloco and Julio Iglesias. José spent ten years in Miami before deciding that it was time to head into a new adventure. He packed his bags and decided to make a road trip to St. Louis, Missouri, to visit a friend. With all the hunger and curiosity of the world, he accepted this new adventure that would lead him to his new home.

These experiences have motivated him to success, and have contributed to his dedication in his entrepreneurial projects. In his road trip to St. Louis, somewhere in Tennessee, while he got lost in his thoughts, José remembered one of the most transcendental moments that helped define his life: a conversation with himself in which he prayed to God and asked him for a new beginning. However, he could have not imagined that just one day after arriving to St. Louis, he would get all of his belongings stolen, leaving him defenseless but with more grit to start everything from scratch. Nevertheless, he does admit that he felt defeated and defenseless at the moment. However, as days went by, he was able to understand that it was a sign, some sort of omen, telling him that he was in the right place at the right time, which was why he needed to seize this opportunity that life was giving him. Filled with motivation, he took over the challenge that was starting in a new city with a language that he barely spoke. It was the moment to seize this opportunity to rebuild and reinvent himself. In the following years, the young Honduran found employment in different upholstery stores. Overcoming the invisible yet very real language barrier, and learning to navigate a new city to better himself. “It was hard at first,” he remembers. “I did not speak English very well and I had to learn how to use public transit. I learned how to use the bus and the train, even though I got lost many times trying.” In addition, he refined his skills and absorbed everything he could about commerce as a sponge would with water, allowing him to do what he loves the most and take precise decisions that have allowed him to expand the business he owns today.